Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here are some pictures I took on my motorcycle tour yesterday and today:

They are from top to bottom: the olympic gardens, the sagrada familia (church they're still building after 120 years), mediterranean beach, place built by Gaudi, 2 pics of gingerbread houses built by Gaudi, a square with LOTS and LOTS of pigeons (which dad would probably freak out about), a picture of the mediterranean sea taken from under Christopher Columbus's (in the picture below the picture of this) feet, a very official-looking building, the statue of Christopher Columbus, a very cool-looking wavy thing along the bridge over the Mediterranean, and a small thing near the Mediterranean Sea. 


  1. I like your pictures! It's so interesting so see the ones your mother took and then yours. Did you take them all by yourself?
    The places you went are really awesome. I especially like the pic of the official-looking building (if you mean the same as I do) I mean the one above Chris.

  2. Beautiful, crisp photos, Allison. I especially love the overview from the top of the Columbus monument. Looks like you had a perfect day for your motorcycle tour.

  3. Beautiful, Allison! What a great tour.