Monday, December 19, 2011

Okay, I'm using this since the site's being weird and whenever I try to post a comment it won't let me appear as me because it keeps signing me out for some weird reason, but I'm replying to the most recent comment by Karen. I only tried a small bit of haggis, but thank you! And yes, Iron Bru is good, and I miss it so much because I can't find it anywhere in the U.S. because Mom says that it's expensive to import pop. But I shall get some if I ever see it anywhere...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Past Events

I'm super sorry I haven't posted in a while (a long while, at that) but I kept telling myself to post and I kept forgetting. So, what happened while I was negligent and didn't post: Mom and I went to Edinburgh (Scotland) and London (England). In Scotland, they have the nicest people ever! While we were at the airport, the passport lady struck up a conversation with us and it was cool, especially with her accent! Oh, I love British accents. Though you can hardly ever understand what the Scottish are saying. But, while we were in Scotland, on our first day, we met up with one of Mom's Scottish friends and we went out to lunch! I got introduced to Iron Bru, which is a Scottish or British drink kind of... vanilla-y, or orange-y. Both! And then I was brave enough to try haggis! Haggis, according to the dictionary, is a Scottish dish containing sheep and lamb intestines. It was actually good, though... So, Scotland was fun! And then... London. I didn't really like London. It was too busy for me, what with the hustle and bustle of the Underground. But the British Library was absolutely AMAZING! So many books! I wish I could've stayed there all day, but Mom and I had to go to see the Dirt Museum, or something like that. The Dirt Museum was all about dirt, and the organisms which are in dirt, and what artistry you can perfrom with dirt, and the role dirt played in old London society. It was actually interesting.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vienna, tram crash

it's official: they got the other tram on the tracks, drove it away, and r now cleaning up the remnants.

Vienna, tram crash

they moved 1 tram, and soon (i hope) theyll get the other on the tracks, because it swerved off of the tracks...

Vienna, tram crash

Now they're picking up the broken glass...

Vienna, tram crash

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Vienna was beautiful! we lived near a cathedral that looked blackened and burned, and there was a square with performers and it was cool! Also, we went to Trieste and it was awesome! We went to like, 5 cafes in 1 day and they all served potato chips. Weird... also, there was 1 cafe that had potato chips uneaten at a table that the people left it and the (stupid) pigeons attacked the potato chips. Now, as for the tram crash, 2 trams crashed literally outside our building and it was awesome! 1 tram was going straight and the other was turning and they crashed! I'll put pictures as soon as they load. Anyway, so the policija are standing around trying to figure out how to move the tram and a crane arrived, then people are standing at the curb, trying to figure out what happened and taking pictures. It was awesome! No, no one was hurt, thank goodness. but the policija are still there and the crane is doing nothing and it's an intersection, so cars can't go that way, and they're annoyed. My pictures are still uploading, so I'll wait a while to post this. But people are still standing near the trams and taking pictures, if less people. Mom says I should sell my pictures to the newspaper, because we could see the trams from our window and I took pictures from our window which is up hight on the 4th floor (American 4th floor) and then I went down (to Mom's suggestion) to take more pictures and it was awesome!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Outdoor Ed

At my school, each year the 6th graders get to go to something called "Outddoor Education" where they go to some forest for 2 nights and unfortunately, I wasn't there this year to go, so Mom said we could have out own Outdoor Ed: Sitting somewhere in a cafe with a Sprite and a ice cream. We did that today! I'm so happy! So, nothing new is happening right now. My grandparents will come on Tuesday and then sometime that week we'll all go to Vienna! Yay!