Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Apartment

Our apartment is AWESOME!!!!!!!! The piano is beautiful but I haven't played on it yet, except for brief moments when I would start pressing a few of the keys but mom would tell me to get off. The kitchen is tiny, but still cool. There's a magnifecent study and a living room, which the piano is in. My bedroom is connected to mom's bedroom and a closet which leads to the bathroom. I just learned how to let mom in the building when she wants to. There's also a hallway which dad might complain is a "waste of space".


  1. What do you think of the hallway? Is it funky and cool or really just a waste of space?

    I'd like to propose a mission for you. Would you be willing to give your mom a homework assignment? It needs to be a writing assignment, but can include photos (Google images are acceptable) and/or illustrations. The finished product needs to detail which city she would rather visit, Budapest or Prague, and why. If you choose to accept this mission, you may feel free to impose additional stipulations.

    Aunt Robin

  2. !st, The hallway isn't actually a waste of space, but not funky or cool. It's quite plain. 2nd, I'll be perfectly overjoyed to give mom a homework assignment!!!

  3. Fantastic! I'm excited to see her work and also your critique of her work.