Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vienna, tram crash

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Vienna was beautiful! we lived near a cathedral that looked blackened and burned, and there was a square with performers and it was cool! Also, we went to Trieste and it was awesome! We went to like, 5 cafes in 1 day and they all served potato chips. Weird... also, there was 1 cafe that had potato chips uneaten at a table that the people left it and the (stupid) pigeons attacked the potato chips. Now, as for the tram crash, 2 trams crashed literally outside our building and it was awesome! 1 tram was going straight and the other was turning and they crashed! I'll put pictures as soon as they load. Anyway, so the policija are standing around trying to figure out how to move the tram and a crane arrived, then people are standing at the curb, trying to figure out what happened and taking pictures. It was awesome! No, no one was hurt, thank goodness. but the policija are still there and the crane is doing nothing and it's an intersection, so cars can't go that way, and they're annoyed. My pictures are still uploading, so I'll wait a while to post this. But people are still standing near the trams and taking pictures, if less people. Mom says I should sell my pictures to the newspaper, because we could see the trams from our window and I took pictures from our window which is up hight on the 4th floor (American 4th floor) and then I went down (to Mom's suggestion) to take more pictures and it was awesome!

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