Monday, May 9, 2011

Dubrovnik and Split

I just came back from Split! First, we went to Dubrovnik and there were a lot of steps but on the first night we went to this restaurant called Moby Dick that has really good seafood! I had shrimp spaghetti and a bit of sea bass and for dessert i had the best vanilla ice cream in the world on top of sugared strawberries!!!! YUM!!! Then we went to Split and it was awesome! Split didn't have as many steps and on top of that, I got a TV! I was watching some German show with a really weird thing that turned out to be bread. Here's a picture:
He looks weird, doesn't he? Also, Split apparently has fancy hot chocolates! Here's a picture of a hot chocolate that I took a few bites out of:

And while in Split we went to Diocletion's (or however you spell it) cellar's and we found this cool soccer room! Here's a picture of these foam guys that were cheering on the soccer game:
And here's a picture of the flower guys that were playing in the game (or at least 1 of them):

And here's a picture I took of a candy corn cactus:
Those are my favorite pictures.

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