Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mom's B-day

yesterday was Mom's birthday! I wasn't able to post last night because we got back from dinner and dessert so late. But for dinner we went to this really cheap but fancy restaurant that has virtually ever food imaginable! Except for hamburgers. But I found this totally "me" meal! It was a steak filled with bacon and cheese with french fries on the side! It was huge but tasty! It was the 1st time in weeks I've had french fries! I was so happy. Then we went to the Sheraton, a hotel across the street, and had cheesecake! It was very fancy! Though, we've been to the Sheraton before for cheesecake, it was in a different restaurant and was fancier. The cheesecake we had before had strawberries on it and a sugar stick and another sugar thing, but it was crystal clear and was kind of fancy, like curved and that stuff... anyway, so this time we had the same cheesecake at a different restaurant, but with out the fany crystal-clear sugar thing. But it was still good!

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