Thursday, December 30, 2010

My New Blog

This is AWESOME! I got my own blog because a month from today I'm going to CROATIA!!!!!!!! AND OTHER PARTS OF EUROPE!!!!!!!!! We're going to Europe 'cause Mom got a FULBRIGHT! (and she thought it would be a fun experience for me, so I'm going too). FOR AN AWESOME 5 MONTHS! 5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's awesome huh. And now I have to learn Croatian. I wonder how to say "books" in Croatian... hmmmm.


  1. Alison! I'm a friend of your Moms' and I'm really looking forward to reading your blog. I'll be interested to read your perspective on life in a different culture, as a first time traveler. I hope it's fun and enlightening!

  2., other than "Unemployed Dragon" is Sharon!